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Sadie meets Matty Bouse is a fun little story starring a lovely little girl named Sadie, and a Mouse-Bat called Matty.


The first little story features Sadie and a little Mouse-Bat called Matty. Sadie & Matty are unlikely friends. Matty feels different for not looking the same as everyone else. He feels sad that he might never fit in.


It’s a little story with a big message. All friends can look, sound & feel differently- and that’s okay. Because at the end of the day, if you have one good friend, you have it all.

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 The Adventures of Matty Bouse,

Written By Lucy Rodgers

  Illustrated by Daisy WInter

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Sadie meets Matty Bouse is out now and ready to read! Head to Lucy's Instagram page above, or click on the image to the left, to get your copy!


Click on the image to the left to find out more about Jude and the healthy food that comes to life at dinner time! 


This lovely little book helps explain to children how their happy thoughts can help their friends and family through a tough time during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

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