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Princess Poppy

and  the Seagull

Princess Poppy and the seagull is a book that i am writing and illustrating myself. It's a fun, heart-warming little tale about an adventurous Princess with a big heart, who learns about the importance of helping others.


Matilda''s Eye Patch

This gorgeous little girl is Matilda. She has to wear an eyepatch to help her eyes get stronger. Despite Matilda's huge smile she doesn't like wearing her eyepatch so Matilda's mum, Aimie Strachan decided to write a book aimed at young children that will explain why wearing an eyepatch is so important and how it will help them. 


Houdini Spells Trouble

Houdini spells trouble is the story of one mouse's struggle to escape the horrid grasp of Nanny Glum. Nanny Glum looks after the Wild Child. She hates mice and would like nothing more than to splat Houdini flat with one bash of her rolling pin.

A cheeky little tale written by Ian Preston


Matty Bouse and Sadie

A short, fun little story with an important message. All friends can look, sound and feel different and that's okay. Because if you have one good friend, you have it all. Sadie and Matty Bouse are unlikely friends, you can follow their friendship in a lovely little rhyming story by Lucy Rodgers.


Fairy calendars and colouring books

A beautiful little fairy for each month of the year. And why not colour in your own fairies? Visit my shop to see more!


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Greek Gods with Modern Day Jobs

If Greek Gods existed today, what jobs would they have? This fun little projects reimagines the Greek Gods with modern day jobs. Imagine Zeus, the king of the gods and men, and god of the sky and thunder... as a weatherman!

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