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Eye Patch 


This gorgeous little girl is Matilda. 

Matilda has to wear an eye patch to help

her eyes get stronger. 

According to the NHS website 1 in 50

children develop a lazy eye and it’s difficult

to treat after the age of 6. 

Despite Matilda’s huge smile, she doesn’t like wearing her eye patch and so Matilda’s mum decided to write a book aimed at young children that explains why wearing an eye patch is so important and how it will help them. 

I’m very excited to have been asked to illustrate this lovely book, and I can’t wait to see it all come together!


...and now it has! As well as the amazing book, Amy has also created some reward charts and certificates designed by The Social Designer, available to buy here on Etsy!
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Written by Aimie Strachan 

Illustrated by Daisy Winter


We're famous!

Watch Fergie, the Duchess of York, read out Matilda's Eye Patch on her Youtube Channel, Fergie and Friends. 

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